BERO COFFEE SINGAPORE PTE LTD                         F20

Address            : 27 Cantonment Road

                          Singapore 089745

Tel                    : +65 6221 6991

Fax                   : +65 6221 4383

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Bero Coffee Singapore is a member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG). With 46 companies in 28 countries, we are present in all important markets and offer a broad range of quality services and products along the green coffee value chain.

As a reliable and straightforward partner to coffee producers and roasters – larger and small alike – we bring together their needs and interests. Being able to supply the whole spectrum of grades and origins, we are able to offer low grade robustas to specialty grade arabicas!



1. Raw Materials: Coffee Beans

2. Services: Brokers, Export/import companies, Traders, Wholesales

3. Others: Exporter of raw materials, Industrial and Specialty, Warehouse