MII FOODSERVICE PTE LTD                                                    D09

Address            : 66 Tannery Lane,

                          #01-03A Sindo Building

                          Singapore 347805

Email                : sales@miifoodservice.com

URL                  : www.miifoodservice.com


In Mii Foodservice, the definition of a good kitchen is “easy to use, safe and hygienic”. We specialized in supplying quality kitchen products and equipment; and also providing tailor-made kitchen solutions from conceptualization to implementation.

With over 10 years knowledge in the kitchen equipment and experience in commercial kitchen field. We offer satisfactory result and the expert know-how to ensure quality and professionalism to address your kitchen needs.


HQ Office:

66 Tannery lane,

#01-03A Sindo Building

Singapore 347805


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1. Machinery: Kitchen Equipment

2. Machinery & Equipment: Coffee Brewing Equipment, Kitchen Equipment

3. Services: Traders, Wholesales

4. Others: Distributors